Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir is comprised of five and a half choirs. The combined choirs number approximately 120 children from grades two through twelve. If you and your child are interested in joining a member of HVCC, please read about our sign-ups HERE.

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Gracenotes is an introductory choir for our youngest singers. It is a non-audition group for 2nd graders and meets only during our spring term. The goal of the Gracenotes is to familiarize these young singers with music, singing, focus, fun, and the Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir way. Gracenotes singers rehearse from 6:15pm-7:15pm on Tuesday nights (April-June) with our Preparatory Choir and Children’s Choir 1. This choir performs one song at our year-end concert, the Beth Powell Memorial Concert.

Gracenotes was established in 2011. Enrollment for Gracenotes is held in March.

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Preparatory choir

Preparatory Choir features singers in the 3rd and 4th grades. Singers become acquainted with their voices using fun music games, unison and 2-part music, and interactions and performances with Children’s Choir 1. Singing games provide a joyful way from which to teach basic vocal production and literacy. Preparatory Choir is introduced to the solfege system (do, re, mi, etc., in combination with hand signs to match those tones in the scale). Correct breathing, posture, vowel production, and diction are stressed. In addition, the child is taught performance and choir rehearsal etiquette. These singers are always a joy to watch, both during rehearsals and performances. The sparkle in their eyes and excitement on their faces as they sing is contagious. Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights from 6:15pm-7:15pm.

Preparatory Choir was originally named Training Choir and was established in 1988.

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Children's Choir 1

Children’s Choir 1 features singers in the 4th-5th grades. These singers are just learning to flap their musical wings. They mentor singers from the Preparatory Choir and are mentored by the singers in Children’s Choir 2. Children’s Choir 1 is a small group (a more intimate group than Children’s Choir 2), which allows singers to focus on learning their music and watching their director. Children’s Choir 1 singers also go on an overnight retreat with Children’s Choir 2, which better acquaints them with the larger group setting that Children’s Choir 2 offers. Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights from 6:15pm-7:30pm.

Children’s Choir 1 was originally named Intermediate Choir and was established in 1996.

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Children's Choir 2

Children’s Choir 2 is our largest group with 50-70 members. These singers learn responsibility through mentoring Children’s Choir 1 singers, practicing and performing 4-part music, attending and overnight retreat, and touring the West Coast. Children’s Choir 2 singers have the opportunity to perform with other children’s choirs and to be taught under the direction of many wonderful music educators. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm, with additional rehearsals on the first Saturday of each month during the choir year from 9:00am-10:30am.

Children’s Choir 2 was originally named Children’s Choir and was the foundation of Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir. Established in 1984, our goal was to provide children within the Mid-Willamette Valley with a musical experience and education that was a supplement to (not a substitute for) their school music programs.

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Festival Choir

Festival Choir consists of singers who have established good vocal technique, are good sight readers, can hear dissonant harmonization and are willing to make a twice a week commitment. Singers are only admitted into Festival Choir after a one- to two-term membership in Children’s Choir 2 or Chamber. Festival Choir members must also maintain a membership with either Children’s Choir 2 or Chamber Choir. A greater emphasis is placed on music history, foreign language, advanced choral technique and accelerated music theory. This choir often performs publicly and is responsible for a large repertoire. Festival Choir attends at least one overnight retreat per year and participates in both domestic and international tours. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 6:15pm-7:30pm.

Festival Choir was established in 1994 and was formed because of the size restrictions that were placed on choirs participating in choral festivals at the time.

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Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir consists of young men and women in grades 9 through 12. Pieces performed are more complicated with 4+ parts and of various languages and the singers are responsible for learning and knowing their music. The director of this choir encourages the participants to use all of their skills to learn the music, contribute their part to the group, and direct parts of the music. In Chamber Choir, performance skills are stressed and the music becomes more difficult as choir participants achieve vocal confidence and independence; the voice becomes fully trained as a musical instrument. Repertoire is analyzed with respect to historical, cultural, and compositional aspects. This choir attends at least one overnight retreat per year as well as touring domestically and internationally. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

The Chamber Choir was established in 1987 because the original HVCC members wanted to continue singing together after middle school.