So you want to join Heart of the Valley? Well, it’s easy! We hold scheduled auditions every June, September, and December. Please check our Events Calendar for specific dates. If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled audition times, please feel free to contact us to make an individual appointment!

Coming to an audition? Download one of the audition forms:

HVCC Audition Form

June Audition Form


Who is eligible to join HVCC?

Any child that is in 3rd-12th grade can join at the beginning of a term during the choir year (September, January, or March). Children in the 2nd grade are allowed to join in March for our Spring term in our Gracenotes choir. To learn more about our choirs, click HERE.

Does my child need any previous musical experience?

No. Absolutely not. HVCC is place where we nurture a child’s natural musical ability. We also teach everything from basic music fundamentals to the more complicated musical pieces. When a child auditions, they are placed in a choir that will best suit their abilities and needs.

What should my child prepare to sing at an audition?

Nothing. HVCC auditions are  totally basic. They are just a way of determining a child’s ability and range, so that a child may be placed in choir accurately.

So, what happens at an audition?

Well, that really depends on the choir that a child is auditioning for.

If a child is looking to join Preparatory Choir, Children’s Choir 1, and Children’s Choir 2, they may be asked to do the following:

  • Audition in a group.
  • Sing scales to determine vocal range.
  • Sing “Happy Birthday” at different pitches.
  • Sing  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in a round within the group.
  • Clap back rhythms to determine rhythmic ability.

If a child is looking to join Chamber Choir, they may be asked to do the following:

  • Audition individually.
  • Sing a variety of vocal exercises to determine vocal range.
  • Answer questions about a piece of music to determine music knowledge.
  • Sight read a couple lines of music to determine musical knowledge.
  • Pitch matching to determine vocal control and intonation.

If a child is auditioning for Festival Choir, they MUST have been a member of either Children’s Choir 2 or Chamber Choir for ONE YEAR. The audition for Festival Choir is the same as the audition for Chamber Choir.

How much is tuition for HVCC?

Tuition costs are dependent on which choir a singer will be joining. Tuition may be paid in one-lump sum, or in 9 monthly payments. Tuition scholarships are available. Tuition costs for each choir are as follows:

Chamber Choir*

  • Monthly Tuition: $66
  • Annual Tuition: $594

Festival Choir**

  • Monthly Tuition: $68
  • Annual Tuition: $612

Children's Choir 2*

  • Monthly Tuition: $61
  • Annual Tuition: $547

Children's Choir 1*

  • Monthly Tuition: $61
  • Annual Tuition: $547

Preparatory Choir

  • Monthly Tuition: $48
  • Annual Tuition: $432

*Tuition for Children’s Choir 1, Children’s Choir 2, and Chamber Choir includes ONE overnight retreat.
**Tuition for Festival Choir includes TWO overnight retreats because singers in Festival Choir are required to be a member of either Children’s Choir 2 or Chamber Choir.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. Uniforms and tours are both additional expenses. Official HVCC uniforms are required for each choir and costs for uniforms are dependent on the choir and whether used uniform pieces are available for purchase. Tours are only for Children’s Choir 2, Festival Choir, and Chamber Choir. Tour costs are dependent on tour location and are determined by the Executive Board of Operations on an individual tour basis. There are fundraising opportunities for singers to help offset tour costs. Uniform and tour scholarships are available.